Various ‎– The Imago Traveling Road Show 

This Imago multiple artist promotional sampler was designed to promote a tour by a couple of Imago artists in the Summer of 1993

 1)  Pere Ubu: The Story Of My Life
 2) Boneclub: Everything's On Fire (Live)
 3) Boneclub: Her Garden (Live)
 4) Aimee Mann: I shuold've Known
 5) Aimee Mann: Jimmy Hoffa Jokes
 6) Orangutang: Leo Tolstoy
 7) Orangutang: Gearhead
 8) Paula Cole: Bethlehem
 9) Paula Cole: Saturn Girl 1
10) Basehead: Brown Kisses Pt. 1
11)  Basehead: I Need A Joint
12) Baby Animals: Impossible To Fly (Live)
13) Suzanne Rhatigan: Jump
14) Suzanne Rhatigan: New Suit Blues(Live)
15) Rollins Band: Low Self Opinion
16) Rollins: Vacation In England (Live)

This disc has quite a few rare tracks.
Items of note are:

Boneclub - Two live songs Minnesota 12/4/92
Baby Animals - Live Newcastle, Australia
Aimee Mann - Jimmy Hoffa Jokes is non-album
Paula Cole - Two demo versions (different than the debut CD)
Suzanne Rhatigan - A demo and a live acoustic track from Munich