Jonathon Rosen

Animator/Painter/Educator/Carbon based motor protein.
An interdisciplinary/plurimedia artist, I make static & moving pictures.
I'm based just outside NY, NY.

I’m interested in working with interesting collaborators.

Feel free to contact me about workshops or speaking engagements, visual strategies involving conceptual/narrative art, animation, live video-mixing projection performance, concept art, art for music packaging and identity. Comissioned work for individual clients & editorial artwork, editorial illustration, storyboards, illustrated books and installation art.  

Installed in Academia at The School of Visual Arts, NY, NY.
and Part-Time Associate Teaching Professor at Parsons School of Design @ The New School NY

Clients include:
Sotheby’s Hong Kong, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, Tim Burton (Sleepy Hollow), Jean-Michel Basquiat (prints and screen print paintings), Weiden + Kennedy, Electra Records, MTV, ID Magazine, Popular Science, Details, Snake-Eyes, WFMU, Le Dernier cri, Sony, Outside Magazine, Oxford Review, New Scientist, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Discover Magazine, Newsweek Japan, Redhot Productions, Pink pages, RCA Records, Art & Architecture magazine, New York Times Sunday Magazine, Screwgun Records, Salon, Rolling Stone, Fortune, The Residents, Warner Bros. Records, Time Magazine, Mother Jones, MS. Magazine.

Collections include:
The NY Metropolitan Museum, David Cronenberg, Martin Scorsese, Getty Research Institute Research Library, Los Angeles, CA, Dartmouth College NH, (see more below).

Selected Film / Videography

2023 Invisble Light: ‘Spells’ compilation teaser reel
2022 Aztec Multiplex Screening Room, title sequence for the 2022 Parsons Core 4D final screening event.
Animation Title sequence for Core 4D animation program final screening / Parsons.
2019 Animation for Sothebys Hong Kong exhibition “Curiosities”.
Music Video for art/rock band Elysian Fields song “Dispossessed”.
Animation for SVA subway poster web featurette.
2018 Teasers and performance clips for T Bone Burnett’s “The Invisible Light” Album.
2016 Book teaser for The Birth of Machine Consciousness.
2015 Animation book teaser for Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema.
Video and installation for EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam: Fantasia Megamix and Aurora Goes to Holland.
2014  Video teasers for Spectacle Theater performance w/ composer Carl Stone.
2013  Animation, NY Times op/ed; Encouraging Doctors to Admit Errors.
2012  Animation & editing for exhibition teaser: Roads of Arabia, Freer-Sackler Museum, Smithsonian Institute.
Animation for Breast cancer documentary: The Cure.
2009  Performance VJ work & Music video for Pianist/arranger Christopher O’Riley: a concert excerpt for PBS
Sunday Arts News.
Music video for Pianist / Arranger Christopher O’Riley / Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”.
2008 Video for Composer Tom Recchion / Doodooettes, Loop rendered (excerpt).
Video for NY. Times Science Section (online): Sleep.
2007 Video piece for Composer David Toop / Apartment Thunder / CD The Black Chamber (Sub Rosa).
Video for Absentstar (Sony).
2006 Video piece for Composer Tim Berne/ Plantain Surgery / CD Big Satan (Screwgun).
Mechanica agency / web animation.
Poindexter agency / lecture animation.
2003 - present  Gothic Aztecs / Le Dernier Cri: animation segment for DVD of Le Religions Sauvages.
1999 Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp’s Ichabod Crane journal drawings and design for the film.
1997 Tales From the Crypt (Inscape): animation sequence: DEBAUCHERY
1996 The Residents Bad Day on the Midway: CD Rom, animation sequence.
1994 MTV awards book art.
1990 MTV: Cut up faces, animation promo sequence.
1985 Graffiti: Oscar nominated short film (main character’s drawings).
1983 Feature film: Strange Invaders (special sound effects).


2015 Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, co-authored with Tom Gunning, Giovanna Fossati, Joshua Yumibe
2003 The Birth of Machine Consciousness (Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, France)
1990 Intestinal Fortitude (Letterpress book. Pace Editions Master Printer Ruth Lingen/Poote Press, New York
(revised new edition 2006, by Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, France).
1980 Rods, Cones, Spheres.

One man shows:

2015 Video Installation; Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam for The Conference on Color in Early Cinema.
2006 Luzern Institute for Art & Design / Fumetto Festival, Switzerland.
2003 La Luz de Jesus, LA. CA.
2000 Adam Baumgold Fine Art, NY, NY.
 Ridge Theater, NY, NY. Window installation for HYPATIA.
1999 Studio Camuffo, Venice, Italy.
1991 joint solo show with Henrik Drescher, Reactor gallery, Toronto.
1984 Onyx Gallery, LA. CA.
1983 Onyx Gallery, LA. CA.
1982 Zomoid Gallery, LA. CA.

Selected group shows:

2023 My SVA Subway Poster appeared in the show Underground Images: A History.
2021 Galerie Arts Factory, Paris. Artwork in La Tranchée Racine exhibition.
Sothebys Hong Kong exhibition “Curiosities”.
Mondo DC Exhibition, Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France.
The Visibility of Music, video installation and artwork seen in an a career suvey exhibition by Creative director / graphic designer / artist Stephen Byram, MICA, Baltimore MD.
“Duplex: ‘till the last gasp’ exhibition” MoMA / PS.1 LIC. Queens NY.
     FOLD: Artists Accordion Books at Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Solo display case display among other display cases, Parsons, The New School.
2016  Society of Illustrators NY, Comic and Cartoon Art Annual exhibition.
2015  Magica Sexualis, Stephan Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
2014  Animation in the LAFMS Slow Life Avant-garde Fest exhibition, FUKUGAN GALLERY,
     Osaka, Japan. 2013    
"Story: Visualized" School of Visual Arts (SVA) NY, NY.
NYTimes Gallery 7, NY. NY. “Anxiety”.
2012  Package Iconographique de l'ALMANACH SOLDES, Galerie Papiers Gras, Geneva,
Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) exhibition at ART OSAKA Art Fair
United Dead Artists / 400 Drawings Alive! Arts Factory Gallery, Paris.
2011 La Luz De Jesus 25th Anniversary show. LA, CA.
Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review, Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, NY, NY. Another Voice (the Progressive),  University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point Edna Carlesten Art Gallery
2010  DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Galeria Leto, Warsaw, Poland.
Uncanny: Surrealism and Graphic Design - 24TH Int’l Biennial of Graphic Design,
Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic,
The Exquisite Book Show, Powerhouse Books Gallery, Brooklyn.
KNOW NEW YORK, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
FUNNY (not funny), University of Michigan School of Art & Design, Work Gallery, Detroit.
2009 Sketchbook Obsessions, NY Times Gallery 7, NY, NY.
True Self; Group Exhibition curated by Gary Baseman, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY, NY
2007 Neo Integrity, Derek Eller Gallery, NY, NY.
Charity by numbers, Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA.
Exposition Le Dernier Cri "15 ans de suractivation grafike" Espace Beaurepaire, Paris
2006 Menage-a-Trois with Jean-Jacques Tachdjian and Robert Williams. Overtones Gallery, LA, CA.
     "A Piece Apart” Aidan Savoy Gallery, NY, NY.
2005 Picture Mechanics Show, Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, NY,  
Another Voice (the Progressive),
Memphis College of ArtOverton Park, Memphis, Tennessee
2003 The Ganzfeld Unbound, Ace Baumgold gallery, NY, NY.
2002 Raw Cooked & Boiled, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA. MICA Art Inst. Baltimore, MD.  
ANIMATIONS, PS1. Museum, LIC Queens, NY. & Kunst-werk, Berlin,
2002 The Panorama Project, The Front Room, Brooklyn, New York.
2001 Exquisite Day, Plus Ultra Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
1999 Dusk, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle.
Monumental Drawings, Exit Art, NY, NY.
1998 Comics Power, EXIT ART, NY, NY.
1997 Imaginary Creatures, EXIT ART, NY, NY.
Almost Normal, Parsons NY, NY.
Invitational, Ace Baumgold Fine Art, NY, NY.
JMT Records 10 year anniversary concert series art installation,
at The Knitting Factory, NY. NY
1996 New Pop, Rome, Milan and Venice, Italy.
1988 Poseidon; Steve Barry, Sculpture & Film, Audio: Jonathon Rosen. Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC.
1982 Out Off Control, Cal State LA.

Exhibitions Curated:

Exhibitions of work by students of the SVA/MFA Visual Narrative class of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,
Curated by Jonathan Rosen and Ed Valentine, SVA Gramercy Gallery New York City.

Grants & Awards:

2019, 2020 Parsons Fixed term General Research Funds funding. Competitive FTF grant award.
2016, 2015, 2014, 2012 AI-AP International Motion Award
2008  Sabbatical, School of Visual Arts, NY. NY.
2006 Cultural Grant from US Embassy, Bern Switzerland. 2002, 2004. Art Director's  Club Global, NY, NY.
2003  Silver from Society of Publication Designers / commissioned art.
1999  Artist-in-residence award / Harvestworks center for experimental computer arts & technology, NY, NY.
1995  Gold from Society of Publication Designers / commissioned art.

Selected Press references:

2023 Daily Heller - Barking up the Kabbalistic tree
2019 Catalog cover and spreads for Sothebys Hong Kong exhibition “Curiosities”.
Double LP cover art for The Invisible Light - T Bone Burnett with Jay Bellerose and Keefus Ciancia.
2018 NY Times Science Times, To Quench Thirst It's All In The Gulp.
Psychology Today, The Wizard of Consciousness
2017 Psychology Today Magazine, Psychosomatic Illnesses.
2016 Interview and feature in SPIRIT & FLESH magazine.
Page/feature in SEE YOURSELF X. by Madeline Schwartzman.
2015 Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, Reviews;
Eye Magazine, Hyperallergic, Antlantic, Huffington Post, Fandor, UCLA Film Television Archive.
AI-AP Profile: Jonathon Rosen
2013 Beautiful Pathologies, NY Times Opinionator / Private Lives.
Design Observer Group: A Dictionary of Surrealism and the Graphic Image by Rick Poynor (review).
2012 Thinking clearly about personality disorders. NY Times Science Section.
The Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modification and the Construction of Beauty by Bernadette Wegenstein, MIT Press,
2009 New York Times (review) CHRISTOPHER O’RILEY, Classical  Pianist Tuned to Frequency of Radiohead.
NY Press (review) ARTS BRIEFS; Lights, Camera, Action.
New York Times Science Times: Mind - Crying as catharsis isn’t always the case.
All the art that’s fit to print - Inside the NY Times Op/Ed page. Jerelle Kraus. Columbia University Press.
2008 Cover Art By: New music graphics. Adrian Shaughnessy. Laurence King, UK.
Jog the blog: capers-of-hundred-colors, Hotwire Comics (review).
2007 EYE Magazine, London (review).
Book-by-it’s-cover: Intestinal Fortitude (review).
2006 Getting Under the Skin: Body & Media Theory. Bernadette Wegenstein. MIT Press,
Solid Gold: 40 Years of Award-winning Magazine Design by Society of Publication Designers. Rockport. Graphic design that works: By Cheryl Dangel Cullen. Rockport Publishing.
Book of imaginary media: excavating the dream of the ultimate communication medium. Eric Kluitenberg Published by NAI.
2005 Communication Arts Design Annual Published by Coyne & Blanchard. Art Directors Annual 83, Art Directors Club, Published by Rotovision.
Alternative comics: an emerging literature By Charles Hatfield, Published by Univ. Press of Mississippi.
2004 Raw, Boiled, and Cooked: Comics on the Verge by Paul Candler, Last Gasp.
2003 LA Weekly (review).
Art Directors Annual 81 By Adam Parks, Art Directors Club Edition: 81, Published by Rotovision.
Catalog: “Animations” By Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Klaus Biesenbach, Kunst-Werke Berlin; P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Published by KW - Institute for Contemporary Art.
2002 The graphic design reader By Steven Heller, Published by Allworth Press.
2001 EYE Magazine, London.
2000 Paper Magazine, (review). New York Times, (review).
Letterforms bawdy, bad & beautiful: the evolution of hand-drawn, humorous, vernacular, and experimental type, By Steven Heller, Christine Thompson Published by Watson-Guptill.
The End of Print: the Grafik Design of David Carson
1999 Annual By Society of Publication Designers (U.S.) Published by Society of Publication Designers.
The 100 show: the annual of the American Center for Design.
Crimes of the Beats By The Unbearables, Unbearables (Literary group), Autonomedia.
1998 World Art Magazine 17: Jonathon Rosen's Medieval Mechanicals / cover feature & essay.
Graphic Design USA. By American Institute of Graphic Arts Published by Watson-Guptill Publications.
1997  Raygun / Out of control. David Carson. Simon and Schuster Editions.
Publication Design Annual By Society of Publication Designers (U.S.) Published by Society of Publication Designers.
1996 Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels / A History of comic art / Roger Sabin, Phaidon. Print Magazine. Main feature profile; Creatures for the millennium: Jonathon Rosen.
1995  New Pop, Illustrazione Americana / Giorgio Camuffo, editor. Edizione Arti Grafiche Friulane, Venezia Italy.
1994  American Typeplay. Steven Heller / Gail Anderson. PBC Library of applied design.
Garden Design By American Society of Landscape Architects Publication Board.
1993 The Edge of the Millennium: An International Critique of Architecture, Urban Planning, Product and Communication Design.
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution / Whitney Library of Design, New York.
1992 - Present: American Illustration, Volumes 9 –35.
1988 Artforum: Posidon - Steve Barry; Sculpture. Sound; Jonathon Rosen, Storefront for  Art and Architecture, NYC.       
1984  Horror and science fiction films III By Donald C. Willis. Published by Rowman & Littlefield.
Arts and Architecture Magazine Volume 2 No, 4 (Utopia - The History of the Future)
1980  Umbrella, Published by Umbrella Associates: Rods Cones and Spheres (review).

Theater / Video Performance:

2019  Video mix performances for T Bone Burnett’s “The Invisible Light” Album, Capital Records, Studio A, Hollywood       and  World of McIntosh Headquarters, NY, NY.
2018  Films screened at LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) symposium. Uplink concert hall, Tokyo.
2014 Video mix Concert with composer/electronic music pioneer Carl Stone, Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn .
2012  LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) exhibition at ART OSAKA Art Fair.
2011  Several videos in heavy rotation, Eventi Hotel Big Screen Project, massive outdoor screen, NY, NY.
DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Video Installation, Galeria Leto, Warsaw,Poland.
2010 "The Lowest Form of Music": 3 day London event dedicated to exploring the work and influence of The Los Angeles Free  Music Society. Videos and extended video pieces for Composer Tom Recchion’s performance.
2009 Stephen Byram & Jonathon  Rosen, live video remixing. Miller Theatre at Columbia University performance of       Radiohead, Dmitri  Shostakovich, Nick Drake, Claude Debussy, Elliott Smith and Robert Schumann’s  music,   performed by Christopher O'Riley, piano. 
Video for Composer Tom Recchion at CEAIT Festival @ Cal Arts Redcat Theater.
Sleep (NYT video) shown as part of the program “Under the Influence of Busby Berkeley” Dance On Camera Festival, Walter Reade Theatre, NY. NY.
2008 Poster Artwork for Martha Clark’s Garden of Earthly Delights, Minetta Lane  Theater, NY, NY. 
2007 Radio Nurse: live video-performance with composer Tom Recchion @The Colloquia in Conceptual Studies / Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
Live video remixing for Paraphrase, UK tour: CBSO Center, Birmingham / Vortex Club, London / The Wardrobe, Leeds / Jazz Ctr @ the LOT, Edinburgh, Scotland / Lighthouse, Poole, UK.
2005 Video remix performance with composer Tim Berne / avant-garde jazz group Paraphrase @ Barbès, Brooklyn.
Video remix performance with composer Tom Recchion for the LA MOCA Exhibition; Visual Music / Cal Arts Redcat Theater.
2004 Tonic, Manhattan & Perogie Gallery, Williamsberg:
Live Electric Saw silent cartoon film sound design with composer Brian Dewan.
Electric Process Musical Saw, Joshua White and Gary Panter light show, Anthology Film Archives, NY. NY.
2004 - Present: Gothic Aztecs - (long version) shown in Milwaukee, LA, Brooklyn and  also performed with live musical soundtrack in Montreal, Tokyo and over a dozen European cities as part of the live touring and dvd anthology Le  Religions Sauvage (Le Dernier Cri, Marseilles).

Selected Lectures:

2019-23  Parsons/TheNew School, Early Cinema: Color and abstract animation.
Parsons/TheNew School: A  brief history of free-association and unconscious in art
2018  Parsons/TheNew School: A  brief history of free-association and unconscious in art
2017 Dartmouth College, NH; Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema with Josh Yumibe and Tom Gunning.
Parsons/TheNew School: Color and animation in early cinema
2016  REDCAT CALARTS Theater, LA. with Tom Gunning.
2015  Rutgers University School of the Arts, NJ.
Morbid Anatomy Museum
EYE Film Museum, (Amsterdam), Netherlands
2011  Johns Hopkins University Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland.
CAL ARTS, Valencia, CA.
2010 Getty Research Institute, a presentation for The Moving Image Workshop.
SUNY Purchase, School of the Arts & Design. Royal College of Art, London.
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London.
University College Falmouth School of Art.
University of Brighton.
Kingston University, London.
2009  Parsons / The New School.
2006, 2007 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
2005 Kuvataideakatemia/Academy of fine arts, Helsinki, Finland.
2001  Rhode Island School of Design Pratt Art Institute, Brooklyn, NY.
2000 Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia.
1999  Fabrica, Italy.
1999 Grafill, Conference for the Norwegian Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators, Oslo Norway.

Panel speaker:

Big Talk - International Motion Awards 4
Society of Publication Designers (SPD) NY. NY. Animation night.
American Illustration Conference @ FIT, NY. NY.
MICA / Maryland Institute College of Art, Comix on the Verge. Getty Museum Research Institute’s Moving Image Workshop.

Teaching / Academia

2016 - Present

Parsons School of Design
. Part-Time Associate Teaching Professor of animation and Illustration. Former coordinator of 4D Core Seminar 4D program. Illustration program member of SCC Committee. Teaching courses in Parsons included MFA/DT COLLAB Class, Senior Thesis, Graphic Narrative, Core Seminar 4D, Animation studio classes, Topics Performance/Music, Core Seminar 2D class, Drawing/imaging class. FTF 2019-2020, 1 year appt. 

2000 - Present

School of Visual Arts
, NY: MFA Advisor & instructor, SVA/MFA Visual Narrative: Low residency MFA program, teaching online MFA Lecture and Thesis courses, plus curating graduate thesis exhibitions. The SVA/MFA Visual Narrative is visually and linguistically rich online curriculum and environment designed to foster hybrid visual/writing practices where students work simultaneously on writing and picture making while developing long term thesis projects. SVA Undergraduate courses include; Experimental Animation, Gesture/Figure Drawing with projections for animation students, Senior Portfolio, History of Anatomy & Medical Illustration, Junior Thesis, Pre-college illustration program, Principles of illustration.

2011 & 2012.

SUNY Purchase, Design 1 and Visual Language courses.

2005 & 2009.

Kuvataideakatemia, the Academy of fine arts, Helsinki, Finland.
Visiting lecturer for History of Anatomy and Experimental Video - Life Drawing.

Other Employment

1984 - 1985 Gagosian Gallery, LA. CA. & NY, NY. Gallery assistant & technician,
1978 - 1984 New City Editions and Efram Wolff Studios, LA, CA. Printmaker and curator on limited edition prints, Intaglio, woodcut, lithography, screen-printing.
Worked with New City Editions on the majority of the screen-print editions & screen-print paintings for and with Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Education 1978-84

4 years Electronic Music & Printmaking and 2 years of Color separation theory courses;
Cal State Northridge,
Pasadena City College,
LA. City College,
Otis Art Institute, LA. CA.

Education 1997-2019

School of Visual Arts and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, NY, NY;
Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Pro-tools, Computer Silkscreen, Advanced Adobe Aftereffects. Artist as Philosopher, SVA.

Selected Collections:

Tim Burton, David Cronenberg, Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese, The Metropolitan Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum Libraries & Archives, MoMA Museum Library & MoMA Franklin Furnace Collection, Poster House, NY, Getty Research Institute Research Library, Los Angeles, CA, Dartmouth College NH, Si Newhouse, Smog Design, Zoom Design, Archives and Special Collections Division of the Uni. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Libraries, The Ohio State University Library, Columbus, Ohio, Columbia University Libraries, New York University Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, Yale University Library, Mount Holyoke College Williston & Miles-Smith Library, York University Libraries,Toronto, Phoenix Public Library, UCLA Libraries and Collections, Kingston College Collections, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK. The Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, The John M. Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Fleet Library at RISD, James Madison University Libraries, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.