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Tezcatlipoca - "Lord of the Smoking Mirror". 2023.
B&W Acrylic gesso and pencil on wood panel 12"x12".

Tezcatlipoca, omnipotent Meso-American deity, the revealer of hidden sins. Trickster and perpetrator of mockeries and metamorphosis. The God of rulers and sorcerers, his black mirror represents the all knowing eye in the sky, pervasive nocturnal powers, the ability to see, and the promise of divine revelation.

AKA; the enemy on both sides.

Asherah | The Queen of Heaven on life support. 2022.
24 x24 “ acrylic and graphite on wood panel.

This is the Queen of Heaven / divine consort of God that the biblical prophets railed against.
Here she is surrounded by Egyptian Ka spirit & "false” doors representing the passage between the worlds of the living and the dead.
Qadesh and her lion have here morphed into a circus lion tamer.

She does photosynthesis. She makes copies of DNA. The tree leaves on the tubes reference the Canaanite’s sacred Asherah poles, erected near altars, one of the many ways they violated God’s command to have no other gods or to worship a created image (Ex 20:3-6)”.

Neshustan snake worship demanded to be part of the mix. 

more references:

Acrobat girl 12 x 12” Acrylic on wood panel 2006.
Collection Dan Nadel. (Appeared in The Ganzfeld #4 with an essay by the illustrious Tom Gunning).

New painting, Apries/Hophra Time Slip. 2020.

B&W gesso, graphite & matte medium on wood panel 24x24”. Private commission.⁣
⁣Apries* / Wahibre Haaibre, was pharaoh of Egypt (589 BC – 570 BC), the fourth king of the Twenty-sixth dynasty of Egypt.
He reigned for 19 years. Apries is also called Hophra in Jeremiah 44:30.⁣
⁣Jeremiah’s book was intended as a message to the Jews in exile in Babylon, explaining the disaster of exile as God’s response to Israel’s worship of the queen of the heavens - and according to Jeremiah 44:30, Apries was overthrown and mutilated by his own people on the orders of God himself.⁣
Ezekiel 29⁣
⁣New King James Version Proclamation Against Egypt;⁣
⁣‘In the tenth year, in the tenth month, on the twelfth day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, set your face against Pharaoh king of Egypt, and prophesy against him, and against all Egypt. Speak, and say, ‘Thus says the Lord God:⁣
⁣“Behold, I am against you,⁣
⁣O Pharaoh king of Egypt,⁣
⁣O great monster who lies in the midst of his rivers,⁣
⁣Who has said, ‘My River is my own;⁣
⁣I have made it for myself.’⁣
⁣But I will put hooks in your jaws,⁣
⁣And cause the fish of your rivers to stick to your scales;⁣
⁣I will bring you up out of the midst of your rivers,⁣
⁣And all the fish in your rivers will stick to your scales.⁣
⁣I will leave you in the wilderness,⁣
⁣You and all the fish of your rivers;⁣
⁣You shall fall on the open field;⁣
⁣You shall not be picked up or gathered.⁣
⁣I have given you as food⁣
⁣To the beasts of the field⁣
⁣And to the birds of the heavens.⁣
⁣“Then all the inhabitants of Egypt⁣
⁣Shall know that I am the Lord,⁣
⁣Because they have been a staff of reed to the house of Israel.⁣
⁣When they took hold of you with the hand,⁣
⁣You broke and tore all their shoulders;⁣
⁣When they leaned on you,⁣
⁣You broke and made all their backs quiver.”⁣
⁣ ‘Therefore thus says the Lord God: “Surely I will bring a sword upon you and cut off from you man and beast. And the land of Egypt shall become desolate and waste; then they will know that I am the Lord, because he said, ‘The River is mine, and I have made it.’⁣

Quetzalcoatl bringing smallpox to the new world. 2021.
B&W gesso and graphite on wood panel 24x24”.
This new Quetzalcoatl is a mashup of the Greek proto-god Phanes and Quetzalcoatl the plumed serpent, bringing smallpox from the old world to the new. 500 hundred years ago, On May 22nd in the year 1520, Spanish conquistadors and their Indigenous allies attacked the Mexicas The attack during the Toxcatl festival in what is now Mexico City incited a war that led to the end of Mexica supremacy and to the beginning of the conquest of Mexico. Cortez was allegedly seen as the embodiment of the return of the plumed serpent god Quetzalcoatl, patron saint of Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge, returning to Mexico from the east.

In their bloody battles for domination over the Aztecs and the spreading of smallpox, Cortés and his men are estimated to have killed as many as 100,000 indigenous people.

I intend to use this painting as a flash card in my film/animation project Gothic aztecs, a historical revisionist fantasy about a subverted human sacrifice in a modern post-Aztec invaded modern Europe.

External Nervous System for coved-positive non-Symptomatic Pandemic Deniers. July 2020. ⁣⁣⁣ Photo collage of personal objects with white charcoal and B&W Acrylic gesso on panel. 11.5 x11.5”.
The Cerebral Cortex and Lower Lizard brain are bypassed completely in a fit of pure, mindless tribal reflex. Cheers.

New Zodiac for Sentient Machines, 2003. Two panels each 7x7' sq. Acrylic on paper mounted on canvas.

Hierarches. 2010.
The person on top may or may not be in charge.
71" x 46" Acrylic on canvas.

A). The Heirarchy of Domestic Bliss.
B). The Testicularcentric Universe
C). Hermetic Balancing Act.
D). The Heirarchy of Physical Health.
E). The Heirarchy of Flowers on Life Support.

Various from late ‘90’s early 2000’s

Love’s Secret Domain. Acrylic on wood panel
Early ‘90’s

Overhaul. 1984. Acrylic on canvas about 48 x48”.

An apparition (with fish). Circa 1983-84. Acrylic on canvas, approx 3'x6'.
This ancient painting of mine was recently given to me by the estate of my friend, collector Joel Hirsch. After so many decades, it's nice to have it in physical proximity again.

Extra lives, early 2000’s. Acrylic on wood panel 24x24”

THE SERPENTINE DEBAUCHERY OF LORD SERAPIS, 2019. Graphite and acrylic gesso on wood panel 11¾ by 11¾ in

Helix of downward momentum

Being and Essence 2018. 2 panels, 24x24" acrylic on wood.

Fortune / Her Wheel / Action. 48” acrylic on wood panel. 2002 (Private commission).

Running Man.

Dual landscape / late ‘90’s. Wood panel/canvas

Visionn of the future. 24” sq. Collage and acrylic on wood panel

One of a kind postcard print.


For my Dad
For my Dad