Sleepy Hollow

Drawings & design for the Ichabod Crane Journal.


In 1999 I was invited to work on the sketchbook/journal seen in the film Sleepy Hollow. After seeing a rough cut of the film with director Tim Burton, I tried to "method draw" the journal drawings by "channeling" Ichabod Crane's inventions & emotions, to provide a window into his psyche. This was the first time I'd ever been asked to draw "in character".

At first I worked directly with Tim Burton. Later I worked with production designer Rick Heinrichs on the page layout & design, always trying to keep it realistically personal within an art historical / period aesthetic.



  Detail Skull

Crime scene

 Katrina infatuation

 Crime scene 2

 Katrina Witch

 Town elders list

      Here’s Johnny (!);


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