Art for Music

The Invisible Light | SPELLS.
T Bone Burnett/Jay Bellerose /Keefus Ciancia.

Riuichi Skamoto | moto.tronic

Elysian Fields
| Music Video for Dispossessed

The Invisible Light | Acoustic Space + Instrumentals. T Bone Burnett/Jay Bellerose /Keefus Ciancia.

Van Hunt | Popular:

Fast 'n' bulbous: "WAXED OOP" 

Val-Inc | ON art and design

Tom Recchion; Sweetly Doing Nothing

Joseph Holbrooke Trio | The Moat Recordings / CD 1

Jazziz | March 2000  /   Jazziz | June 1998

Imago travelling roadshow

JMT | Guitarmusic

Eve 6 | Eve 6

John Moran | The Manson Family an Opera 

3 Merry Widows | Which Dreamed it ?

Bern Nix Trio | alarms & excursionsBern Nix, guitar; Fred Hopkins, acoustic bass; Newman Baker, drums. This title was part of the CounterCurrents series.

“Bern Nix has the clearest tone for playing harmolodic music that relates to the guitar as a concert instrument,” says Ornette Coleman in whose Prime Time Band Nix performed from 1975 to 1987.

Marc Ducet | un certain malaiseMarc Ducret – solo electric guitar
released April 19, 1998

John Williams | El diablo suelto 

Clockwise | Lay her down / Healthy Manipulation

Healthy Manipulation is the debut studio album by American post-grunge band Clockwise. The album was released on Oct 29, 2002 through RCA Records.

Hypothalmus | Harmonious thumps in the matrix
1993 - CD dance compilation by BMG Music Canada

Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre, Halloween 1995 is a double live album which combined Oingo Boingo's last two performances for their Farewell tour from Halloween, 1995.