Recombinant Animation

This page of clips below covers the vast majority of my animation work.
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The studio has been deeply immersed into computer animation and motion graphics beginning with character and animation design for an animation segment in The Residents CDRom 'Bad Day on the Midway'. I appreciate the accidents and chance systems that contribute to the creation of moving pictures that have a pulse and a nervous system.

Aztec Multiplex Screening Room
May 17, 2022. This title sequence for the Parsons Core 4D final 2022 animation screening, premiered in the superfancy Tishman Auditorium at The New School, NY, NY.


This shiny new Mozilla screening room space (below*) is the location for this Title Sequence for the intro to the Spring, 2021 Core 4D Animation event final screening. Illustration program, Parsons, The New School. 

The sound track is Thelonius Monk's Epistrophy as performed by Cootie Williams and his Orchestra (with a bit of Kraftwerk’s 'numbers’ thrown in for good measure).

*Here is a link to the interactive 3-D Mozilla location used in the above animation.

The Invisible Light / Acoustic Space | Social media teaser mix reel.

Music video for Elysian Fields - Dispossessed (official). Animation / Editing / Direction: Jonathon Rosen.
"Dispossessed" from the album 'Pink Air' on Ojet/Microcultures

Synthetic Apparatus
An ongoing loop-based visual music laboratory,
A consensual hallucination designed and manufactured to virally dissiminate.

Van Hunt: sound & music | Jonathon Rosen: moving pictures.

1. Transit of Venus

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Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema / Book Teaser. Animation / Editing / Direction.

In this visually stunning book, the editors present a treasure trove of early color film images from the archives of EYE Film Institute Netherlands, bringing to life their rich hues and forgotten splendor.  

Accompanying essays discuss the history of early film and the technical processes that filmmakers employed to capture these fascinating images, while other contributions explore preservation techniques and describe the visual delights that early film has offered audiences, then and now. Featuring more than 300 color illustrations.

Soundtrack: excerpt from "NIGHT OWL" by Vera van der Bie performed by West Side Trio (
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Aurora goes to Holland.

A reduction mashup of the installation video 'Phantasia Stereo Megamix' presented at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands and shown during the conference 'The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema' with live music by The West Side Trio.

Assembled with archival clips from the collection of the EYE Film Institute, Netherlands, selected for the book 'Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema' (AUP 2015). Additional clips, editing and compositing by Jonathon Rosen.

Aurora goes to Holland composed by Annie Tangberg performed by West Side Trio/ westsidetrio/nl ©2015

SPECTACLE theater duo performance teaser trailer.
Music: Carl Stone. Live video animation, editing: Jonathon Rosen


A special issue of the NY Times Science Section. Sleep. Oct, 2007.This Video Sleep made for the special section (online). with music by Tom Recchion, The Elephant God from the CD Sweetly Doing Nothing ©2006.

Apartment Thunder

Animation / Editing / Direction: Jonathon Rosen.
Sountrack: Apartment Thunder from David Toop's CD The black Chamber
(sub rosa). Musicians: David Toop & Tom Recchion.

Doo-Dooettes, loop rendered (excerpt).

from the CD "THINK SPACE" on Organ of Corti. Remixed and reconfigured by Tom Recchion. 4'15".

Gothic Aztecs

Long after a massive Aztec take over of Gothic Europe, A young Aztec-European  girl rebels against her Aztec ancestry and becomes a newly initiated member of the last cult of the Devil. Gotik Aztéques is a mix of live-action & animation, originally commissioned by the French publishing collective Le Dernier Cri as a segment for their animation compilation "Les Religions Sauvage".

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A reward video from the immersive game Tales From the Crypt. Late ‘90’s.