Synthetic Apparatus

An ongoing loop-based visual music laboratory. 
A consensual hallucination designed and manufactured to virally dissiminate.

Van Hunt:
sound & music | Jonathon Rosen: moving pictures.

1). Transit of Venus. World debut of Synthetic Apparatus. 2018.

2). Reality Distortion Field (smokestack waltz). 2018. 

3). Big Distress (For Sylvia Sydney). 2018. 

4). Neuro-Pathological Smoking Mirror
(Shaky columns in the edifice of consciousness) 1/1/19. The repetition compulsion, overt in the neurotic, is for Freud also a component of normal psychic functioning. While an intensification of the repetition compulsion is at the root of the neuroses it is also the path to cure via the transference neurosis established with the analyst. 

5). i tried love before. 2019.

frame grabs