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BLAB! 17 Anthology

Unbearables / Autonomedia; Illustrated edition (February 1, 1995)

An anthology of fictive adventures by the Unbearables and collaborators, a free-floating in-your-face scrum of black humorists, chaos-mongers, immediatists, and verse-spouting Beer Mystics, disorganized around recuperating essence away from the humorless commodification of experience. Includes: Judy Nylon, Max Blagg, Bikini Girl, Bruce Benderson, Hakim Bey, Jordan Zinovich, and the Unbearables.

Voyage Along the Horizon | a novel by Javier Marías

The  Cosmetic Gaze | Bernadette Wegenstein / MIT Press

Gibt es auch Wahnsinn, hat es doch Methoden.
Eine Einführung in die Klinische Psychologie aus sozialwissenschaftlicher Sicht.
Jaeggi, Eva; Rohner, Robert; Wiedemann, Peter M.

Published by Piper, München Zürich, 1990

Black Market Babies | Claire Phillips

The Left Glove | Mac Wellman

John C. Eccles | Die Evolution des Gehrins - die Erschaffung des Selbst

The Winshaw Legacy | Jonathan Coe

Edited by United Dead Artists  - France, September 2009